DIRECT. World Cup 2022: England enters, Senegal faces the Netherlands … Follow the second day of the World Cup

What there is to know

Second test for Qatar. After failing to enter the sporting scene on Sunday 20 November against Ecuador, the host country faces a logistical test with the organization of three matches within a restricted perimeter and the management of the supporters that goes with it. How will the Qatari authorities manage these unprecedented population flows in a country of less than 3 million inhabitants? Response during this day of Monday which will be marked by the England-Iran meeting, which will be scrutinized for political reasons. Follow our live.

Three games on the schedule. The second day of the World Cup opens at 2 p.m. with the meeting between England and Iran in group B. At 5 p.m., Senegal deprived of Sadio Mané will face the Netherlands in group A. Finally, at 5 p.m. 8 p.m., Wales face the United States in the second match of Group B.

A first challenge for the organizers. Qatar passes a major logistical test with three games in Doha on Monday. For the first time in a modern World Cup, Monday’s matches will take place in a reduced area. The Ahmed Ben Ali (40,000 seats), Al Thumama (40,000 seats) and Khalifa (40,000 seats) stadiums are only a few kilometers apart.

Which armband for Harry Kane? England captain Harry Kane could be Monday the first captain to wear a “One Love” armband in favor of diversity, thus dribbling the instructions of Fifa. Anyway, Kane and his partners should kneel down just before kick-off, a gesture that England has been practicing for many months to denounce all forms of discrimination.

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