Disability: the exoskeleton, a hope for people in wheelchairs



Disability: the exoskeleton, a hope for people in wheelchairs

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The exoskeleton is a promising technology for people in wheelchairs. A Parisian company has just developed a new model that will equip several hospital departments in the region.

One foot in front of the other, Kevin Pietteparaplegic following an accident, walks. He is assisted by an exoskeleton which he controls, manufactured by the company Wandercraft. This exoskeleton works with gesture and movement intention sensors. At any time, the machine calculates the best possible trajectory in space. It takes into account the physiological data of the patient. Artificial intelligence controls the 12 motors that equip the exoskeleton.

This robotic assistance has another vocation: enable the rehabilitation of patients. In the very acute phase after an accident, we really hope to be able to potentiate recovery, and potentiate all the benefits of rehabilitation”explains the doctor Rebecca SovignacClinical Director of Wandercraft. In the future, the founders want to develop a thinner and more agile exoskeleton, so that people in wheelchairs can go for a walk in the street.

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