“Disaster, really”: Laura Maria Rypa serves Pietro Lombardi pasta with sugar

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Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria Rypa cook pasta with butter and sugar. © Screenshots Instagram/Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria Rypa

Pietro Lombardi and his girlfriend Laura Maria Rypa are on a love vacation. The influencer taught the singer a new dish there: pasta with butter and sugar. He was anything but enthusiastic.

Croatia – Laura Maria Rypa (26) and Pietro Lombardi (30) have just announced their love comeback. The two made the surprise perfect while they are on a love vacation together. One day they eat a multi-course meal in the luxury hotel, and the next day Rypa cooks it themselves. Lombardi is not at all pleased with the creation of his loved ones on Instagram.

Pasta with butter and sugar: Pietro Lombardi finds it “a disaster”

The influencer cooks pasta with butter and sugar for her famous friend, as Pietro Lombardi (all about the DSDS star) tells via Instagram while filming the pasta on the plate and the melted butter in the pan. “We’re cooking here right now and I’ve been taught something new – pasta with butter and sugar,” says Lombardi. “My parents ate that back then,” explains the 26-year-old confidently.

Pietro films how she spreads the butter and then the sugar over the penne with a spoon. “It’s really crazy,” says the singer in disbelief. Then he takes a fork to taste the dinner – but he quickly puts the fork back on the plate. “I swear, that tastes delicious,” Laura Maria Rypa calls from the background, but for Pietro Lombardi it seems absolutely nothing: “Pasta with sugar is a disaster, really,” he only comments.

“Probably only we who come from Poland know”: Fans stick to Laura Maria Rypa’s pasta creation

Laura Maria vehemently contradicts her boyfriend: “Absolutely not!” She says. In her Instagram story, the dish doesn’t seem to be that bad, as some published messages from her fans prove. They are sure that it is a typical Polish dish: “Probably only we who come from Poland know about the noodles,” it says there.

Messages from Laura's fans.
Laura’s fans seem to love the dish as much as she does. © Screenshot Instagram/lauramaria.rpa

Both also spoke on Instagram about their living situation. Pietro will move out of his new house because of Laura. Sources used: instagram.com/pietrolombardi; instagram.com/lauramaria.rpa

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