Disaster summer for the trains in Kalmar county – every second departure cancelled

High summer temperatures, staff shortages and major maintenance requirements caused train traffic on the Stångådals and Tjustbanan to break down during the summer. Region Kalmar County now notes that 227 trains were canceled over a five-week period during the summer, a figure that is extreme even for Kalmar County.

– There are several reasons, partly because we have a shortage of vehicles due to maintenance needs. In addition, the heat meant that trains were canceled or delayed due to the risk of sun curves, says Katarina Seijsing.

Puts pressure on the Swedish Transport Administration and SJ

Together with other counties, Kalmar länstrafik has now put extra pressure on the Swedish Transport Agency and SJ to improve traffic. The Swedish Transport Administration should implement measures to make the rails themselves more robust, and SJ must ensure that there are more people who can drive the trains, according to Katarina Seijsing.

– They also need to review their workshop if they have had enough time for maintenance.

Strikes against county commuters

Region Kalmar län believes that it is now time for the Swedish Transport Administration to prioritize the Stångådals and Tjustbanan. Among other things, it concerns the fact that the rail here is not fully welded, which makes it extra sensitive to the heat with an increased risk of sun bends.

– It is our travelers who are affected and it becomes a matter of trust in the end, says Katarina Seijsing.

SVT recently told about the problems with public transport by bus across the county border between Kalmar county and Östergötland. Here, too, train traffic has an important function, says Katarina Seijsing.

– Partly that’s why we run the train service, we don’t have a bus service there.

CUT: Pupils from Valdemarsvik cannot take the bus to the neighboring municipality

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Hear the students Tomas and Linn who have to drive to high school. Photo: Tobias Keller / SVT

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