Discord on Xbox for all insiders, soon for everyone!

This is news that should delight Discord users looking to take advantage of the platform on Xbox. Yes, Discord voice chat is coming to Xbox, and initially for Insider members. Take the opportunity to join the Xboxygen community on Discord ! Now available to Xbox Insider Omega ranks, that means its rollout to everyone is coming very quickly.

Discord on Xbox: chat with your friends between Xbox, PC and mobile

Get ready to connect with your friends and Discord communities on Xbox as Discord Voice chat comes to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles.

As the name suggests, it’s all about chatting with anyone on Discord via voice channels or group calls right from your Xbox console. This means you’ll be able to strike up conversations more easily with your friends who are on PC, mobile, or Xbox.

The update is available now for all Xbox Insider members through Omega and will be available soon for everyone. Check out our full article on how to become an Xbox Insider and join the program.

How Discord works on Xbox

To use Discord on Xbox, you must first link your Discord account to your Xbox console. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Open the Xbox guide using the center button on the controller
  • Go to the Groups and chat menu
  • Click the Try Discord Voice Chat on Xbox option
  • A QR code scan option is displayed on the screen to link your console and your Discord account
  • If you have already linked your Discord account to your Xbox, you will need to re-link

Note that you must be at least 13 years old to link a Discord account on Xbox and other parental control options may also apply.

Once your Discord account is successfully linked to your Xbox console, you will be able to use Discord voice chat on your console and join the party of your choice. A new Join on Xbox option will be available on the Discord mobile app.

Join Discord Xboxygen

Note that you need the Xbox app to transfer voice chat from your Discord account to your Xbox. If the app is installed, it will launch automatically to allow you to connect Discord voice chat to your Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One. Discord security principles will apply when using Discord voice chat on Xbox consoles.

Today’s update begins rolling out to Xbox Insider members and will roll out to more people in the coming weeks.

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