Discovery of a poisonous and deadly fish on the Algerian coast

A poisonous and deadly species of fish has been discovered on the Algerian coast. This is the rabbitfish. The latter was seen by a fisherman in the port of El Marsa, in the wilaya of Skikda, in eastern Algeria.

The alert was given this Thursday, November 25, 2021 by the local directorate of fisheries and fishery resources. “The consumption of this fish can even induce a comatose state and lead to death if the person is not rescued in time,” said the same source.

“The necessary measures have been taken in coordination with the veterinary services for the sake of protecting the health of the consumer,” she added.

Explanations from the local fisheries department

According to the local fisheries management, this fish weighs 3.2 kg and measures 70 centimeters. It also displays teeth similar to that of the rabbit. Some parts of this fish contain a poisonous substance which, when humans ingest it, causes muscle relaxation, nausea and a migraine.

Originally from the Red Sea, the rabbitfish made its entry into the Mediterranean Sea in recent years due to global warming, but also because of the opening of the Suez Canal, which created a link between the seas.

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