Disney Dreamlight Valley: remove mushrooms, improve watering can – tips

Disney Dreamlight Valley provides you with different biomes and level sections, some of which are sealed off by large mushrooms. You need improvements to the watering can at this point to remove the mushrooms. We bring you tips for the improvements of the gardener tool. While you remove small and medium sized mushrooms with the first watering can upgrade, you need the second upgrade for the large mushrooms. You solve the Merlin quest “A dark experiment” for upgrade 1 and the task “The final test” for upgrade 2. In this small guide, we explain how you start the quests and what you need to complete them. Tip: We already told you how you find clay and hardwood in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamligt Valley Tips: Upgrade Watering Can to Level 2

For the first upgrade level of the watering can, you reach friendship level 8 with Merlin. You achieve this through the following actions: Give the magician flowers, give the magician his favorite thing of the day, give him cooked items or assign him a role and use this role. If you have reached friendship level 8, you start the quest “A Sinister Experiment”. For the quest itself, get 20 Mushrooms, 5 Emeralds, and 3 Purified Nightshards. In the Glade of Trust area you will find the Mushrooms. However, it may take a while for them to respawn. For the emeralds you visit the Forest of Valor and the Glade of Trust. Here you build the ore deposits.

If you have a friend with a mining skill, you increase the chances of getting emeralds. It may take a while for you to collect 5 Emeralds here. Purified night shards are made from 5 night shards and one dream shard at the workbench. You therefore need 15 night shards and 3 dream shards. Bring the items to Merlin and he will improve your watering can once. Now you remove small and medium sized mushrooms thanks to the upgrade.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips: Upgrade Watering Can to Level 3

To improve the watering can again, you reach friendship level 10 with Merlin. Now you start the quest “The Final Trial”. For this quest you collect a few items again and talk to Wall-E on top of that. You craft 5 Purified Nightshards from 25 Nightshards and 5 Dreamshards. Talk to Wall-E, who found the Nightshard Powder from the 5 cleaned Nightshards. Bring this to Merlin and you will receive a book. In addition, you now collect 25 mushrooms, 1x falling water and 1x heart of ice.

We already explained above how to get mushrooms in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley. You get Falling Water at the end of the river in the Glade of Trust. The Heart of Ice uses her Merlin’s Ice Tear Seed. Just plant it and water it. Now you reap the Heart of Ice. With all the items you make the royal watering can refinement ointment. You bring this to Merlin and he will finally improve your watering can. This will also remove large mushrooms.

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