Disney+ has recruited 8 million subscribers while Netflix has lost some

The mood is good on the side of Disney +. The entertaining giant indeed published very good figures yesterday concerning the first three months of the year. This first quarter of 2022 has thus enabled the streaming service to garner 7.9 million additional subscribers and it now totals 87.6 million users. Including all of its offers including Disney Plus Holstar, Hulu, and ESPN Plus, Disney has 205 million customers, compared to 196.4 announced in January.

A cheaper ad-supported package on Disney+?

These figures taken in isolation do not tell us much but they are impressive when compared to those provided by its rivals. Thus, Netflix lost 200,000 subscribers during the same period, in particular due to the war in Ukraine, and has a total of 222 million customers. For its part, HBO Max, which plans to go international much more in 2023, has 77 million subscribers and has gained an additional 3 million in the last three months.

Although this data is very positive for Disney, the company remains cautious. Its streaming platform should thus continue to make it lose money at a rate that tends to accelerate. Our colleagues from The Verge explain that despite its growing number of customers, the service is seeing the costs of producing its content increase, and the same goes for infrastructure and marketing expenses. The exacerbated competition on this market pushes each player to invest more and more, subsequently leading to an increase in packages, which can slow down its growth.

And it is precisely to avoid this that Netflix has explained that it wants to set up discounted offers financed by advertising. Disney + tends towards the same objective according to our colleagues and hopes to launch this option as soon as possible. Another avenue for generating additional revenue is the hunt for account sharing. Long tolerated, this practice is now in the sights of platforms.


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