Disney hints at announcement of a Star Wars video game

The Bring Home the Bounty event has started, and part of it may be an announcement about a Star Wars video game.

We may see a new Star Wars video game unveiled in December.

That could at least suggest a roadmap that Disney and Lucasfilm have started on the occasion of the new Bring Home the Bounty event.

Was ist Bring Home the Bounty?

According to the companies, it is a “global campaign” with new “Star Wars toys, collectibles, books, clothing and more” announced every Tuesday through the end of the year.

In the first week of the event, new action figures and new clothing were announced, among other things.

What happens in December

Every single announcement day is in the Roadmap represented by different symbols. In most cases, these are characters from the Star Wars universe

Week 10 (December 14, 2021) is interesting here, when a video game controller is shown.

What will happen on December 14th?

And of course that gives cause for speculation. Is a new game announced? A remaster? A remake? More ports? Or are you just getting new gaming accessories? All of this is within the realm of the possible.

There is currently a lot going on in the Star Wars world. For example, we know that Ubisoft is working on a new open world Star Wars game. Most recently, a remake of the classic RPG Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was announced, while the original is coming to Nintendo Switch soon.

Recently there were rumors that developer Quantic Dream (Detroit: Become Human) was working on a Star Wars game. Shortly afterwards it was said that this title was much more action-packed than previous titles from the studio.

We will know more by December 14, 2021 at the latest. Or earlier, through leaks and that kind of thing. We will see.

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