Disney + now has almost 140 million subscribers

We all know by now that competition is murderous in the streaming market and several services are sluggish, shut down or bleed users. Disney’s own premium service Disney +, on the other hand, goes completely against the trend and is growing so fast that they even exceeded the predicted growth figures.

In the first three months of the year alone, Disney + has managed to attract almost 8 million new paying customers, three million more than analysts predicted. With that said, the service now has 137.7 million paying customers in total. Powerful impressive to say the least. The result is in stark contrast to rival Netflix, which we know lost over two hundred thousand customers during the same period.¨

Fun for the service of course and with a good pricing model and an excellent selection of series and films, the success is not too surprising really. What do you think of Disney +, do you prefer it to Netflix, for example?

Source: Variety

Disney + now has almost 140 million subscribers
Sailor Moon Knight.

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