Disney Plus: The streaming service is a huge success and will soon overtake Netflix

Streaming from Movies, series, documentaries and Co. is as common nowadays as listening to the radio or reading the newspaper. While the market for (legal) streaming was still very manageable a few years ago, dozens of providers are now vying for the attention (and money) of potential customers.

And there are numerous of them, according to Statista around in 2021 in Germany 29 percent of the population a streaming service at least once a week, 13 percent even daily. So these are alone in this country over 24 million people.

long time was Netflix the epitome of streaming, it still is today, but the industry leader is increasingly weakening, the competition is not only becoming more numerous, but also stronger. It’s no wonder that Netflix users will soon be asked to pay extra if they share their account – or that Netflix users will see advertising in the near future.

For a relatively young competitor, on the other hand, things are going brilliantly: DisneyPlus – the streaming service is even surpassing Disney’s own expectations and projections.

Bigger than Netflix soon?

High expenses make things difficult for Disney, so that the profit last declined as the entertainment company recently announced. At the same time, Disney Plus was able to do one in just one quarter Growth of almost 8 million register paying subscribers.

As of the end of March 2022, the streaming service that started in Germany around two years ago came up with it almost 140 million customers. Investors were also pleased, because after this announcement, the Disney stock at short notice.

Along with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Co., Disney Plus joins the most successful and largest streaming services in the world. In addition, there are now many not-so-big competitors such as Paramount+, HBO Max or Joyn and Sky.

Netflix is ​​losing subscribers

At the same time could industry king Netflix almost 222 million Show users, so the lead continues to melt away. Especially since Netflix was even confronted with declining subscription numbers in the quarter from January to March 2022 for the first time in history.

This puts Netflix in a much worse position than Disney, even though Mickey Mouse’s profits fell. How can that be? You can read that below.

Netflix crisis is getting worse

The big problem with Netflix is ​​its strength Dependence on the streaming business. Almost all sales are made with Netflix subscriptions. For Disney, on the other hand, the streaming service is an increasingly lucrative one, but it’s just one of many mainstays. Sales, in particular, have recently recovered amusement parks and resorts, who previously suffered greatly from the pandemic situation.

Sources: The standard / Statisa

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