Disney releases trailer for new version of ‘My Poor Little Angel’

Mexico City.- In 1990 one of the great Christmas movie classics was released. Starring Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, ‘My poor little angel’ became one of the favorite films of children.

The plot of the boy forgotten at home by his parents while they go on vacation at Christmas and the way in which he protects his home against a couple of rather silly thieves, was a success that to date, more than 30 years, continues to generate a lot of nostalgia.

Then came part two with the same actors, but now in a different city. It was also well received. Later the 3 and 4, with different cast, were forgotten.

Now, in 2021 they have decided to create a new version to reach the new generations.

This day, Disney released the official trailer for its new production, entitled ‘My poor sweet little angel’.

Broadly speaking, from what can be seen in the first images, it does not have great changes in terms of the plot. Most notable, so far, is that the pair of thieves are male and female.

It also leaves us some nods to the original, like the cop McCallister, who is Kevin’s brother in the original.

‘There is only one Home Alone’ / ‘Don’t do this, please’ / ‘No one is going to replace Kevin’ / ‘I prefer the originals’ / ‘I’m going to give him a chance, hopefully it’s worth it’, were some of the comments in social networks.

Comparisons will certainly come. It only remains to wait if this new version is at the height of the nineties.

Starring Ellie Kemper, Rob Delaney and Archie Yates, it will premiere on November 12 on Disney +.

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