Dispute over federal government's Facebook page goes to court

Dispute over federal government’s Facebook page goes to court

The Federal Data Protection Commissioner Prof. Ulrich Kelber had already banned the federal government from operating Facebook pages in 2021. A deadline that Kelber had set to close the Facebook offers is now running out. The government is now responding with a lawsuit.

He reports that Mirror. It is about a long-standing dispute between the Federal Government and its Federal Data Protection Commissioner and the operation of Facebook pages.

The top data protection officer first made it clear in 2019 that the operation of a “Facebook page for an authority is not possible in accordance with data protection due to the extensive processing of personal data”. This was the conclusion reached by the Federal Data Protection Agency and the data protection conference after an investigation into the adjustments made by Facebook.
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Therefore, at first there was only the recommendation to close the government’s Facebook pages. But later the sound got louder. In February, Kelber finally set a deadline for the federal government by which the Facebook pages should be shut down.

“All authorities are responsible for adhering to the law in an exemplary manner,” emphasized Kelber. He therefore threatened the federal government with coercive measures.

There should be legal clarity

Now the Cologne Administrative Court is in demand. The Federal Press Office filed a lawsuit there. The Federal Press Office explained that the lawsuit is intended to provide legal clarity for the operation of Facebook pages in a kind of test case. Until the court has ruled, however, nothing will change in the operation of the Facebook pages.


  • Federal Data Protection Commissioner prohibits the operation of the federal government’s Facebook pages
  • The federal government responded with a lawsuit in court
  • The deadline for shutting down the Facebook pages is not met
  • Data Protection Conference and Federal Data Protection Agency confirm ban
  • The Federal Press Office wants legal clarity through a lawsuit
  • Court decides on operation of Facebook pages
  • Until then, nothing will change in the company

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Politics, Berlin, Bundestag, federal government, Reichstag building

Politics, Berlin, Bundestag, Bund, Reichstag building

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