Dispute with hit star Beatrice Egli and Florian Silbereisen? He no longer mentions her on his guest list

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Of: Jonas Erbas

Florian Silbereisen recently announced the first guests of his hit beach party, but Beatrice Egli’s name suddenly didn’t appear anymore… (photomontage) © Joachim Sielski/Kirchner-Media/Imago

On July 9, Florian Silbereisen invites you to his hit beach party in Gelsenkirchen. Beatrice Egli should actually appear there, as confirmed by the MDR. Now, however, the Swiss seems to have completely disappeared from the folk musician’s guest list.

Gelsenkirchen – For Florian Silbereisen (here all the news from the hit world) it’s finally back on the big TV stage on July 9th. Live on the first day, he presents his Saturday evening show “The big Schlagerstrandparty 2022 – It starts again!”, At which all kinds of pop stars will be present again. Beatrice Egli has also already been announced – but suddenly the Swiss is no longer on the guest list of the folk musician and ARD…

Florian Silbereisen advertises Schlagerstrandparty – Beatrice Egli suddenly no longer invited?

There is currently a lot of fuss about Beatrice Egli: the Swiss pop singer recently canceled two concerts that would coincidentally overlap with the next two Silbereisen shows – that’s why the “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” winner from 2013 (season 10) was there 40-year-old folk musician would be on stage instead, it was obvious, especially since her coming for the hit beach party had already been confirmed by MDR.

But now Florian Silbereisen of all people is causing a lot of confusion, because the show master advertised the event vigorously on Facebook and Instagram, but the name Beatrice Egli was not mentioned. Instead, he named Andreas Gabalier, Roland Kaiser, Jürgen Drews and Matthias Reim as guests – the very stars that the first mentions on his homepage. The MDR, on the other hand, currently lists Beatrice Egli instead of Matthias Reim (still?). Many fans now hope that there will soon be clarity.

Guessing about the Silbereisen show – does Matthias Reim replace Beatrice Egli at the Schlagerstrand party?

The fact that Matthias Reim, of all people, who recently had to cancel some concerts due to illness, is now mentioned instead of Beatrice Egli, is somewhat confusing. Because there is currently great concern about the “Damn, I love you” interpreter because his state of health – in view of the shows canceled “on the advice of doctors” – raises additional questions. There will be certainty by July 9th at the latest, when “The big Schlagerstrandparty 2022 – It starts again!” will be broadcast on the first broadcast from 8:15 p.m.

But even with the currently most sought-after pop singer in the country, a spontaneous rescheduling has to be made: The Helene Fischer after-show party for her exclusive Germany concert was secretly canceled – the tickets for the event would have cost a whopping 90 euros. Sources used: daserste.de, mdr.de, instagram.com/floriansilbereisen.official, schlagerprofis.de

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