District extended the term for the payment of property tax in Bogotá

The Bogota City Hall increased the payment of the property tax with 10% discount until Friday July 15 and no discount until July 29. In addition, the dates for the payment of taxes on vehicles were also modified, remaining until August 12 with discount and no discount until 26 of August.

According to the secret of the Treasury Juan Mauricio Ramirez, This change is due to that there is not enough information of some taxpayers to generate the payment invoice.

“Before you could pay property tax almost without data. Now you can’t. This is very good because now we can know who is responsible for the property, where it is, cell phone number, mail… and that will allow us to be able to collect much more effectively” said the secretary.

It should be noted that during the last week the SuperCADE they have been open from 5:30 in the morning until 5:30 in the afternoon so that taxpayers can pay their taxes.

To date the district has raised more of 2.3 billion pesos for property tax in Bogotá.

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