DJI marks series of events and may unveil new Osmo Pro, Action 2 and Mavic 3

DJI confirmed this week that it will hold not just one, not even two, but three consecutive weekly events to present news to its fans. And the teaser released by the brand already gives indications of the products we can expect for each presentation.

(Image: Playback/DJI)

Highlighting that “good things come in three”, the image released by the company confirms the first event for October 20th and displays a record button. The second event takes place on October 27th and features magnetic pins. The last event is scheduled for November 5th and displays LED charging indicators. But what exactly will these ads be?

October 20: DJI Osmo Pro with built-in camera and gimbal

(Image: Reproduction/Jasper Ellens)

DJI’s line of Osmo camera stabilizers could gain a very interesting addition at the company’s first scheduled event, with the arrival of a gimbal and camera integrated into the same product.

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Patents and leaked images have already revealed the versatile and extremely powerful device, offering the ability to record videos in RAW format, 8K resolution at 60 FPS and also in 4K at 120 FPS, which can be the darling of cameramen and video professionals.

October 27: DJI Action 2 camera

Schematic details DJI Action 2’s new design (Image: Playback/Jasper Ellens)

Earlier this month of October, the new DJI Action 2 had more information leaked, reinforcing its new modular design with magnetic pins that will allow you to attach a series of modules to the main body. The idea is to offer a camera with a wide-angle lens and a screen on the back.

The action camera should be presented with battery, screen and flash modules, as well as accessories such as a waterproof protective cover, compact tripod, remote control and rod to ensure better usability.

November 5: drone DJI Mavic 3

(Image: Reproduction/Jasper Ellens)

Finally, the last of the three DJI events is expected to feature the long-awaited Mavic 3 drone. It should be shown with a renewed design, omnidirectional obstacle avoidance system, identification system with infrared sensors, weight less than 1 kg and time flight time of up to 46 minutes.

The new camera is expected to offer a 20MP main sensor capable of recording video at 5.2K resolution with a wide-angle lens and a second dedicated zoom lens for added versatility during aerial shots up to 7x close.

The drone will also offer lenses designed in partnership with historic camera brand Hasselblad. Its expected price is €2,149 (about R$ 13 thousand), reaching up to €4,799 (about R$ 30 thousand) in the Cine combo.

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