DjMaRiiO sends blessings to Colo Colo for the Superclásico

Colo Colo lives a special week and Universidad de Chile appears on the horizon in a new edition of the Superclásico. The Cacique will visit the U this Sunday at 4:30 p.m. at the El Teniente de Rancagua stadium.

That is why the fans are already beginning to beat this duel that paralyzes football Chile. Given this, there are many ways to experience it and one of them is through the Twitch platform.

Many fans of various teams in the world take advantage of sending donations to their favorite youtubers and stremears with messages in important weeks, such as the one that Colo Colo will live.

Just today DjMaRiiO received a donation where a white fan asked for his blessing for the Superclásico this Sunday, also asking him to keep the top of the championship.

DjMaRiiO and his blessing to Colo Colo

The Spanish response was as follows: “blessings for Colo Colo, they were going to send me a shirt and in the end … empty,” he said. DjMaRiiO took advantage of the instance to remind Colo Colo of this, a situation that already echoed on Twitter.

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