DLC for God of War Ragnarok? That will probably be nothing!

God of War: Ragnarok is currently a great success. Both the sales figures and the ratings of the press and players speak for a successful continuation of the Reboots released in 2018. From a purely economic point of view, a DLC for the title would not be a completely misplaced idea, would it? Well, on this very subject, the game director of the title, Eric Williams, recently asked in a podcast. Specifically, this is the “Kinda Funny Games” podcast, in which Williams’ statements do not necessarily indicate that we will see an expansion for Ragnarok in the near future: “Um, I don’t know man“, according to Williams. “The game is huge. I think we put everything we had into the game so I wouldn’t necessarily bet on it.

The user who sent in the question in the podcast was probably not very enthusiastic about the answer. Finally, he noted in his question that there were no DLCs for the first part either. At the same time, there are likely to be those who will appreciate Williams’ apparent honesty in this regard.

The great success of Ragnarok

About the fantastic sales figures of the Playstation title we have already reported. For example, the most successful start in franchise history was recorded in Great Britain. Also in ours test to the title, the praise for the work of Santa Monica Studios is great. There were small innovations for the title in a recently released patch. How to photo mode “illegally” was also a topic on our website.

More news about the Playstation

Alongside God of War: Ragnarok (buy now ) are currently the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation VR2 in focus. While Sony’s next-gen console currently seems to have difficulties in terms of sales in the Japanese market, the pre-sale phase for the in-house VR headset has begun. The more or less sensible process behind this phase has already been discussed on our website.

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