DNA (spoilers): the early summary of Thursday, August 19

In Tomorrow belongs to us, the police realize that eight people have been kidnapped. Jack falls under the spell of Hadrian, while Mathilde falls in love with a mysterious prince charming.

Thursday August 19 in Tomorrow belongs to us, who will see a brand new high school open its doors at the start of the school year … Christelle (Ariane Séguillon who has found the Moreno family) goes to the police station to report the worrying absence of her husband, Anthony, and Charlie . But Sara (Camille Genau who has already been arrested by the police) can do nothing: they are all three adults and their disappearance dates less than 24 hours. For her part, Amanda finds the apartment empty when she returns home. She is worried about having injured Ulysses the day before.

Ophelia forces the hostages to dig a hole in the cellar

At the Spoon, Sylvain tries to wake up a Charlie (Clémence Lassalas who will appear in season 2 ofEmily in Paris) cottony. Ulysses supposes that their abductor (who is Solange Fréjean, the interpreter of Ophélie, the hostage taker of the Spoon?) Drugged them in order to be able to sleep peacefully. Which criminal separates Chloe (Ingrid Chauvin) and Camille d’Alex (Alexandre Brasseur makes revelations on the 1000th episode) and Tristan. She leads the girls to the cellar and asks them to dig a hole. They are soon joined by Anthony Anthony (Benjamin Gaitet) and Charlie. Camille does not take long to crack, while Charlie tries to convince Anthony to try something against Ophélie. The young man dissuades him. It is then Sylvain, Alex and Tristan’s turn to dig. They wonder about Ophélie’s motivations. According to the restaurateur, she follows a precise plan, even if he does not know which one.

At the police station, Xavier informs Franck of the disappearance of Chloe and Camille, while Flore warns Karim (Samy Gharbi, happy in love for two years) of Alex’s silence. Amanda arrives to report in turn the absence of Odysseus. Furthermore, she fails to reach Tristan. The police realize that eight people have been missing since the day before. According to them, they are forcibly held at the Spoon. They immediately prepare an intervention and land in force in front of the cafe! Sylvain tries to prevent them which is worth to him to be knocked out by Ophélie (what are his demands?). She then grabs Chloe, sticks her gun to her temple, and leaves with her hostage, threatening the police to kill her if they don’t leave …

Hadrien, savior of the Roussel family?

As soon as she wakes up, Audrey (what Michèle Bernier said to her daughter Charlotte Gaccio when she told her about her role as Audrey in the TF1 series) went to look for work in the institutes of Sète. She asks her three children (who are their interpreters?) To sift through the classifieds in order to find accommodation during this time.

On the beach, Jack and Lizzie blame Jordan, who refuses to make an effort, for his attitude. Especially since it is because of him that the family moved, just to keep him away from his associates. As they order a drink at the hut, Jack instantly falls under Hadrian’s spell. And tells him about his troubles. While Audrey joins them, empty-handed, the bartender offers them a solution to their problem.

Mathilde finds herself in the hospital after a sunstroke

Back from Greece, Mathilde complains of finding herself isolated, without Ben and Aurélien. Bart and Louise “sympathize”: spending the rest of the summer in the sun and by the sea looks like punishment! Annoyed, the teenager goes to the straw hut and leaves a message to his friends. Alone, she ended up falling asleep. Worried to see her lying for a long time in full sun, Hadrien ends up waking her. Victim of sunstroke, her head is spinning and almost falls off before fainting. He calls for help. Half-conscious, Mathilde wakes up in the hospital while a charming young man is at her bedside. Dream or reality ? Louise, who comes to pick her up later, claims to have not met any nurse. But Mathilde finds a note in her bag, signed with “Prince Charming”, accompanied by a phone number!

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