Do hairy crabs exist? Meet this new species found in Australia

The discovery of the new species of crabs occurred south of the coast of Western Australia and it surprises everyone because it looks like a stuffed animal and it looks very curious, because it even seems to have a small hat that protects it, learn more about it here!

In The Truth News we reveal that the hat of this crustacean is made of sea sponge, given this, scientists have named the new species Lamarckdromia beagle, this to honor the brig in which Charles Darwin sailed to carry out his research, which he called HMS Beagle.

We recently told you when millions of crustaceans caused road closures, but now, we will tell you all about the recent discovery of another species that is causing a furor due to its cute appearance.

These are the sponge crabs found in Australia

'Do hairy crabs exist?  Meet this new species found in Australia'

Lamarckdromia beagle. Photo:

It was revealed that this specimen is part of the Dromiidae family, which has the characteristic that this type of crustaceans use sea squirt and marine sponges to camouflage themselves and thus stay protected.

Commenting on this new species, Dr Andrew Hosie, Curator of Crustaceans and Worms at the Western Australian Museum, commented:

“They have an unusual behavior of carrying a piece of live sponge.”

And he explained that it is the crustacean itself that cuts the sponge and places it on it, allowing it to grow and then giving it the shape of its body, in this way they go unnoticed, in fact, he commented that they use it how:

“… protective hat or blanket to keep them safe from predators like octopuses and fish.”

It is worth mentioning that the discovery was published in the scientific journal Zootaxa and that this new species is now one of the 30 of the Dromiidae family that inhabit the waters of this part of Australia.

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How many hearts does a crab have?

Also known as cephalopods, they have two auxiliary branchial hearts in addition to their main heart, which help give the bloodstream the necessary impulse to pass through the gills.

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