Do UNR teachers go on strike?

The professors of the National University of Rosario (UNR) nucleated in Coad resolved to deepen the action measures in case the national government does not convene a new parity to discuss salaries in the framework of the loss of purchasing power caused by high inflation rates.

They warned that if they are not summoned to a new negotiating table by the 15th, they will coordinate actions of struggle and visibility with other grassroots organizations that, although they are within Conadu, are aligned with the claims of Conadu Histórica as has been the case for a few years.

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That is what was resolved in an assembly where the university professors of the UNR adopted “to nationally coordinate actions of visibility and struggle with other grassroots associations” and anticipated that “If by August 15 the Government does not call a new meeting of salary review, they will deepen the fight by promoting forceful measures in unity with other university associations” in the country.

“The fight for the recovery of the purchasing power of our salaries is part of the course announced this Wednesday, August 3, by the new minister Sergio Massa and implies a deepening fit to the workers and the people,” they emphasized in a statement.

In this sense, they reviewed: “University teachers began the second semester of 2022 with a clear decrease in the purchasing power of our salaries. rising inflationwhich stands out particularly in basic necessities such as food, contrasts with the lack of policies to improve the salary situation, not only for teachers, but for workers as a whole”.

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