Do you know Barcelona? It is considered the best city in the world

Barcelona It does not stop adding recognitions and awards worldwide. If a few months ago, another study whose purpose was to “measure” the cities in order of their beautyor rather, with the most beautiful architecture in Europe, the Catalan capital was in third position, just one tenth behind Rome, in a ranking led by Venice, now another interesting study carried out by the British newspaper “The Telegraph” appointed Barcelona What the best city in the worldwork that has had the analysis of specialists in the travel sector and surveys among its readers.

The British newspaper dedicated an extensive study to this Spanish city bathed by the Mediterranean in which it highlights all the attractions in a broad and general context, where many diverse variants converge from its culture, its gastronomy or its beaches, to its outdoor activities, its level of mobility, its transport and communications, its level of pollution and even its health system, crime or housing. Everything has been shuffled.

$!View of Nova Icaria beach in Barcelona.

View of the Nova Icaria beach in Barcelona.

The Catalan capital got 588 of the total of 810 possible points, 32 points more than those achieved by Sydney, who came in second place. Two Spanish cities also appear in the ranking: Seville and Madrid, in position 13 and 16, respectively.

Research carried out byTelegraphTravel‘ took into account cultural or architectural aspects of each place but also other tourist indicators such as the number of five-star hotels or restaurants with a Michelin star…, in addition to environmental or urban development factors such as “the pollution and connectivity of cities, such as the distance between the center and the airport, in addition to the luxury and security they offer their citizens and tourists”.


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And it is that the “Barcelona”, as it is known, It has nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, more than 100 museums, almost forty five-star hotels, 19 Michelin-starred restaurants, and an airport just 13 kilometers from the city center..

$!View of a terrace of Rambla de Barcelona.

View of a terrace of Rambla in Barcelona.

A) Yes Barcelona ahead of other major European capitals such as Paris either London because in addition to its 2,591 hours of sunshine per year, it stands out for “its green spaces, its numerous pedestrian streets and its low emission zone”.

But it also values ​​the study “its compatibility with the LGTBIQ collective, its architecture from all centuries, its perfect climate, its kilometers of beaches and its daring artistic scene”.


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Some of its neighborhoods, such as the Jewish or ‘Call’, from the 12th century located in the Barri Gòtic (with one of the oldest synagogues in Europe), are places that you have to step on once in your life: “a network of medieval alleys that extend from the cathedral”; the famous district of Gràcia, “a neighborhood of low-rise apartment blocks and bustling squares, loved by families, students and lovers of spoken poetry” or the Born neighborhood, of which stand out “its 15th century mansions, its grandiose basilica and its movie sets”.

$!Three visitors walk through the Gothic quarter of Barcelona.

Three visitors walk through the Gothic quarter of Barcelona.

And in addition to these neighborhoods, monuments, streets, art, beaches, also its exquisite gastronomy is valued which they define as “Europe’s most exciting city for foodies” Well, it does not stop accumulating Michelin stars that in 2022 rises to 29.

But if the Catalan capital (1,636,732 inhabitants) manages to prevail in almost all categories, it has some weak points such as the few green areas, the Ciutadella park only has 17 hectares, or its high population density, 16,000 people per square kilometer, only surpassed by Paris and Mumbai (India) of the cities of the study.


Another recent study, this time prepared by the British mortgage consultant Online Mortgage Advisorby placed to Barcelona as the third most beautiful city in the world, architecturally speaking, only surpassed by Venice and Rome.


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Beauty doesn’t have magic wands to measure itself, perhaps because you can’t really compute what you can’t define. The oldest approach is the one known as the golden ratio, a classic formula that obsessed artists and architects for centuries in search of visual and aesthetic perfection.

$!Park Güell in Barcelona welcomes thousands of tourists every day.

Park Güell in Barcelona receives thousands of tourists every day.

Based on this classic measure of proportion, also known as the golden measure, golden number, phi number, God’s number, golden ratio, golden ratio or divine proportion… the consultant has been able to ‘calculate’ the architectural beauty of cities. ANDhe result placed Barcelona in third position, with 81.9%, just one tenth of the eternal city, Rome (82%), second in the ranking behind Venice (83.3%) winner of the study, cities, the Italians, recognized for its classical, medieval, Renaissance and Baroque monumentality.


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Based on this measure, the study highlighted modernist buildings such as the Hospital de Sant Pau with a score of 93%; the Sagrada Familia (81.3%) declared the Most Outstanding Monument on the Planet in 2020; Casa Batlló (70.9%) and Best Monument in Europe 2021 or Park Güell (64.7%), these last three examples of Gaudí.

Barcelona was ahead of other beautiful cities famous for their monumental splendor such as Prague (78.7%) and New York (77.7%), in fourth and fifth place respectively. Completing the top 10 beauty: Athens (77.5%), Budapest (75.9%), Vienna (75.8%), Bordeaux (75.3%) and Milan (75.1%), placing Paris (74.7%) and Florence (73.6%) in positions 12 and 13 respectively.

$!Entrance of the Boqueria Market, built in 1840 on the square where open-air trade was carried out in Barcelona.

Entrance of the Mercado de la Boqueria, built in 1840 on the square where open-air trade was carried out in Barcelona.


+ Barcelona was highlighted as the best city in the world by a study carried out by the British newspaper “The Telegraph” prioritizing global aspects such as its culture, its gastronomy, the climate, its outdoor activities, its beaches and even its transportation.

+ The Catalan capital got 588 points out of a possible 810, 32 more than Sydney, city ​​that follows in second place. According to this study, Barcelona is ahead of large European capitals such as Paris or London.

+ And he does it for different reasons: “Barcelona combines all the attractiveness of Mediterranean cities: a relaxed lifestyle and rhythm, sunny months, excellent and unbeatable cuisine, with the cultural and design influence of almost any city in the cold north”, concludes the British newspaper. In short, Barcelona is the most complete and has everything!

By Amaia Osuna EFE/Reports.

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