Do you know how to choose the best spare parts for your motorcycle? Here we tell you

The motorcycle is the most practical means of transport to move around the city and is usually used for various activities such as going to work and social outings. For this reason, it is important that, periodically, the respective maintenance is carried out, in addition to the change of spare parts if necessary.

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“Proper maintenance of a motorcycle allows to extend its useful life. Something important to keep in mind is to always seek the service of an authorized dealer, since their technicians are properly trained and will know exactly how to care for the motorcycle “, points out Luis Suarez, head of after-sales at Yamaha Motor Peru.

The specialist points out that the brand’s best-selling spare parts are those that have to do with maintenance, that is: filters, brakes, suspension packages, among others. One piece of advice that we always give to bikers is to always go to your trusted mechanic, as he will provide you with the right options for the motorcycle to be repaired ”, adds.

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What other aspects should be taken into account when purchasing a spare part for our motorcycle? Next, we tell you:

1. Buy original spare parts

It is important to know that there are alternative spare parts for sale in the market, however, these are not recommended, as placing this alternative spare part decreases the useful life of the motorcycle. and the other parts it works with. This implies wearing out other parts and generating a double expense to repair them.

2. Go for the complete package

If you are considering buying an original brand replacement, it is better to purchase the complete package and also include the technical service. Take your motorcycle to the authorized dealership or workshop, probably where you bought it and they will provide you with the full service.

3. Always carry your property card

You must have your ownership card at hand, as there is information that a technician needs to select the right spare part for your motorcycle. For instance, there are motorcycles from the same year, but they do not necessarily have the same spare part, to avoid confusion it is better to validate it with the card.

4. Get the right lubricant with your spare

Sometimes, the spare parts to be changed will also require the change of a lubricant, for example, the suspension, which requires an original Yamalube lubricant. Make sure you have a balanced, original replacement with original lubricant.

5. Trust the trained technical team

An original spare part is essential, but a qualified, trained workforce is also a guarantee that the person who is going to place the replacement is a person who knows how to do his or her job. For this, you can locate authorized dealers or a dealer on the Yamaha Motor website.


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