Do you know what a chatbot can do for your company or business?

The word chatbot it is not new, since it was recognized as a valid neologism by the Royal Spanish Academy since 2019. However, in the middle of 2022, many companies continue to be unaware of its full potential, in the best of cases; and ignoring them completely, at worst. Being that are an essential part of sales process.

As if that were not enough, Mexico is one of the countries that invests the most resources in digital advertising. In 2021 alone, our country allocated 2,360 million dollars, which represents 54% of the total spending on advertising to digital media, while Latin America only applied 43.2% in this area on average, according to eMarketer.

The foregoing speaks of the great effort made by Mexican companies so that messages effectively reach consumers. Investment in advertising is translated into more traffic to sites, landing pages and social channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

Increased traffic increases the number of queries by users, which can be both potential customers and customers who reconnect with a company or a brand.

However, a frequent problem of many businesses is the not being able to answer all queries on time, due to high demand; because teams have to take care of other activities or simply because customers contact each other outside of business hours, so there is no one to answer them. This can lead to user frustration and poor brand reputation.

The solution is implement chatbots in the channels in which the company has a presencewhich can serve both to improve the user experience and to obtain better results -for the company- and above all, increase sales.

“At Cliengo we help companies scale their business process. We do this by automating your contact channels with our chatbots, improving the experience and communication you have with your customers. So not only do we optimize the response capacity automatically, but these results are also reflected in the sales opportunities won”, says Joaquin Viramonte, Director of Operations at Cliengo.

An chatbot is a computer program with which you can have a fluid and personalized conversation. The Cliengo chatbotfor example, uses artificial intelligence and can be installed on websites, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

As an example of the success stories of the sales and marketing solutions company is located Herso Groupfocused on the real estate market, and whose The main problem was not being able to attend to queries on their website; the solution being to implement the Cliengo chatbot that allowed them serve your customers; go on with your lead qualification process and not lose potential customers.

In terms of sales conversion, andhe chatbot generated 30 million pesos in 2021, 22% of the digital writings -of 2021- were captured through the botand the chatbot was able close sales in less than 30 days. Besides, profiled 42% of leads with the use of the bot’s conversation filters.

Another success story is represented by the Humanitas Universityfocused on the educational sector, which had the problem of having long delays in their response times; which caused anxiety and frustration among his students.

The solution was implement a Cliengo chatbot, easy to program and that allowed them generate quality leads, answer the most urgent queries liveAnd power automatically assign leads to campus closest.

So your response time for the first contact went from 40 to only 7 minutes; student complaints decreased, and 2 out of 5 people who requested information through the chatbot started their bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate. Customer offers a 14-day trial to test the functionalities of the chatbots in different channels.

In this way, in addition to responding in a timely manner to interested users and customers, companies can get more out of your advertising spendwhich can be optimized by integrating other tools such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

An online chatbot can become your best ally in the search for more clients, retaining the current ones or profiling the new ones. By including them in your sales process, you will not only improve the experience of your site but also complement your strategy by making the most of the digital advertising.

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