Do you say “guífi” or “guáifai”? The RAE explains how to pronounce wifi

we all use Wifi today, by this means we work or study; even thanks to this technology you can be reading this interesting article; but do you know how to pronounce it correctly?

Do you say “guífi” or “guáifai”? This is a very common debate today, the RAE comes to the rescue and solves this doubt that has bothered us for years.

In The Truth News We share with you how the word “wifi” is correctly pronounced, according to the rules of the Royal Spanish Academy.

Do you say “guífi” or “guáifai”?

Do you say

Do you pronounce it correctly?

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) is in charge of setting the phonetic and orthographic rules of writing; therefore, it is the one indicated to solve this doubt about the pronunciation of the word “Wifi”.

On previous occasions, said institution has resolved similar questions, such as when it explained what was the correct way to say the word “Pizza”; a very important dilemma between Spanish speakers and French.

Regarding this debate, the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) says that “Wi fi” originally comes from the name of a brand; which became so popular that it is currently used as Spanish noun.

It has even been recognized as a word in the Dictionary of the Spanish language.

Regarding its pronunciation, it falls into the category of a adapted foreign language and its phonetics must be based on its rules; therefore the correct way to say it in Spanish is “guifi”.

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What is the correct way to write wifi?

Do you say

The correct way to write it is “wifi” or “wi fi”.

Culminating with all the existing doubts regarding this word, according to FundéuRAE, it is recommended to write wifi no hyphen, lowercase up to the initial and without italics or quotation marks.

This is because it is a common noun already Hispanicized and recognized in the Dictionary of the Spanish language; it is also valid to write it separately and without a hyphen: wi fi.

Now, there are also questions about the gender that is given to the word; some mention it in masculine or feminine, which is correct?

According to the RAE, both are correct, you can say “wifi” or “wifi”; depending on whether you are referring to “the Wi-Fi system” or “the Wi-Fi connection.

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