Do you speak sabir?

It is right to say that the level of many languages ​​is falling. I take one at random: the sabir. Contrary to what you may think, this word does not designate any incomprehensible gibberish, but a veritable idiom that was spoken between the sixteenthe and XIXe centuries in the ports of the Mediterranean. Rudimentary grammatically, it was very lexical rich, as it was composed of a little Spanish, Occitan, Portuguese, Italian and also Arabic and Turkish. It was used for communication between sailors, merchants, captives of various nationalities who crossed paths on these shores. It was rather called at the time the lingua francathe “Frankish language”, that of the Franks – the Europeans. It was also referred to as the “sabir” because that is how, in this language, “knowledge” was said.

We owe Molière the rare written traces that we have left. When, to trick this Bourgeois gentleman quiche by pretending to make a “Mammouchi” out of it, the fake mufti of the play tries to impress him, he

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