Do you want a terrace in the sun? With this card it is possible

With the return of sunny days comes the best activity in the world: sitting on the terrace in the sun. Here’s the ultimate map to help you find the perfect spot.

If there is a national sport, it is that of doing nothing on the terrace. Whether with a coffee, beers, a glass of water or just a fruit juice, settling in the sun on the terrace of their favorite troquet is certainly one of the moments that the French men and women are most looking forward to. the years.

But how do you know when and where to sit in the sun? In order to plan your drinks and your outings in the most optimal way, there is an interactive map. We must thank a certain Jean-Charles Levenne, who is at the origin of this marvelous invention.

Find where you’re going to spend the evening here with this wonderful map.

Do you want a terrace in the sun?  With this card it is possible
Find a terrace in the sun? It’s easy // Source: I want sun

The best map in the world: the terraces in the sun map

Google Maps can’t compete with I want sun : the map shows very precisely the time at which your favorite piece of sidewalk will turn into a place for sunbathing. The site even takes into account the time, as well as the day: a sunny terrace in July may not be so in October, and this is an important parameter to take into account when choosing your HQ.

The map currently only lists a hundred bars and restaurants, but you can freely add your favorite terrace to the map using the ” add a spot at the top right of the screen. And if it currently has a majority of establishments in Paris, it is a detail that you can quickly change. So, what are your plans for tonight? We will be on the terrace, in the sun.

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