Do you want peace in your life? Here five books to get it

This September 21 is the International Day of Peace around the world. The General Assembly of the United Nations declared this date as the day dedicated to the strengthening of the ideals of peace, through the observation of 24 hours of non-violence and ceasefire. However, achieving true peace requires more than laying down arms, it is also necessary to build a community in which everyone can fully develop.

For this reason, we share with you a list of 5 books, from the Aquari publishing label, that will guide you on the path of self-discovery. From self-help books to recover emotional well-being, to a manual to understand the secrets of the mind through dreams:

Feeling Good – David D. Burns

Feeling Good, a world best seller in the field of self-help, has become the reference work for the treatment of depression.

From the principles of cognitive therapy, Dr. David Burns has developed an effective and clinically proven method, with which the reader can recognize in himself negative perceptions and attitudes such as exacerbated perfectionism, dependence on the opinion of others, the excess of pessimism or the reluctance that leads to abandonment. With simplicity and understanding, this text teaches us to change the perspective from which we analyze our reality, helps us overcome depression, and allows us to rediscover the will to live and confidence in ourselves.

This work is one of the greatest exponents of quality emotional health and, over the years, has helped millions of people recover their mental well-being.

Book: Feel Good

The families of souls РMarie Lise Labont̩

Soul families cast a new light on people’s lives.

Inspired by the angels Xedah and the archangel Michael, Marie Lise Labonté gives us an unprecedented lesson on the soul. She describes the thirteen families of souls currently reincarnated on Earth and helps us understand the function of each of them.

Thanks to this book, the reader will be able to easily identify to which family he belongs and the position he occupies within it. Such recognition allows the soul to awaken to its divine nature, to its heavenly identity, but it also helps to distinguish and accept the bonds of love that exist between us, from soul to soul and from heart to heart.

Book: Soul Families
Book: Soul Families

Healing Hands – Barbara Ann Brennan

This book has gone down in New Age history for its revolutionary contributions to scientific research, therapeutic practice, and understanding of the powers of human energy. Here you will find scientifically proven clinical studies of cures for people with all kinds of diseases, as well as instructions to heal yourself and others.

A guide to spiritual healing that will help you answer questions such as: what is high sensitivity perception? how does the Human Energy Field manifest? what is laying on of hands? the anatomy of the aura and how to observe it?, what are the biological defense energy systems?, what are the keys to total therapy?

Book: healing hands
Book: healing hands

100 questions about Ho’oponopono – Mabel Katz

Ho’oponopono is more than a prayer, a mantra or meditation. It is an ancient Hawaiian art of problem solving that helps us live and work more effectively.

In the pages of this book, author Mabel Katz has put together the answers to many of the questions she receives every day. Where she will help you let go and trust; to find your spiritual mission; regain control of your life; to learn to use Ho’oponopono in your relationships, in your health, in your search for prosperity; and, in addition, it introduces you to some tools to use when practicing this art.

Book: Ho'oponopono
Book: Ho’oponopono

dreams. Dictionary of interpretation – Clara Tahoces

Clara Tahoces offers us the most complete dictionary to date on the real meaning of dreams. Why do we dream that we fly, fall, drown or float? What does it mean to dream of apples, elevators, chests or telephones? Why do we forget most of our dreams? What can we do to remember and interpret them?

This book teaches us to decipher and understand the dream world through the analysis of more than 5,000 elements that can appear in our dreams. What we dream is influenced by our cultural environment and can be a source of inspiration for our day or day or, otherwise, a premonition about our lives. In addition, it can help us to reveal our deepest fears and desires: we must not forget that the true secrets of the mind are hidden behind the mysterious world of dreams. Learn how to take advantage of all the information that is revealed to us only when we are asleep.

Book: Dreams
Book: Dreams


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