Do you want some sparkling windows! Here we give you some very easy tips to do

Windows are crucial to our home. They provide light points, exterior or interior views and even division between spaces. Nevertheless, window cleanings exteriors and interiors is usually not an easy task. Glass, which is characterized by its clarity and brilliance, can easily become dirty due to dust, rain or other substances. A misted glass detracts from the decoration of the room and reduces visibility.

Avoid sunny days

Before you start, keep this tip in mind. Avoid cleaning during very hot hours, as direct sunlight generates reflections and glare that prevents you from seeing clearly in case there are stains on the glass. When you look at the surface later, without such a strong light, unpleasant surprises may appear.

The second reason why you can’t clean your windows in hot weather is because the liquid evaporates very quickly, so it’s best to clean on humid days. If you do it in summer, let it be during the early hours of the morning.

Don’t forget to clean around the windows

If you are already cleaning the windows, take the opportunity to give the frames, supports and others a little pass, using the same mixture. In the event that the frames are made of wood, it is better to use a specific substance for this material.

*If we want to have very clean windows, well then, let’s get to work, because the specialists at Sodimac Homecenter and Wintec give us some advice:

– To clean the glass you can use a glass cleaner or dilute a tablespoon of dishwasher in a liter of water.

– To prevent scratches, use a mop, microfiber cloth or even newspaper.

– Do not forget that the window glass is cleaned on both sides.

– In the case of sliding windows, carry out a thorough cleaning by removing one of the sashes, holding it on both sides and lifting from the lower end.

– Use a brush and vacuum to remove dust and small debris from the rail. then pass a sponge dishwasher or dry cloth.

– Remember that part of the maintenance includes lubricating structures such as hinges, handles or rails using WD40 or Vaseline.

homemade trick


It is surprising how many benefits vinegar has, as it is often used to remove dirt. For a simple and easy way to clean windows, combine one part white vinegar with three parts hot water. To reduce the vinegar smell, a touch of lemon juice can be added to the mix. If you’re really bothered by the smell of vinegar, you can also make the solution with five parts water instead of three.

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