"Do you want to join the Netherlands?": a Dutch humorist proposes a referendum to annex Russia

Arjen Lubach, a Dutch presenter, proposed during a comedy show on Thursday evening to hold a referendum to annex Russia to the Netherlands.

As the Russian referendums begin in Ukrainian territories this Friday, a Dutch humorist has made an original proposal. Thursday evening, during the show From Avondshow on the NPO 1 channel, Arjen Lubach proposed to organize a referendum to annex Russia.

The comedian explains thus “first of all, he [Vladimir Poutine] bombed them, then he drove out or murdered the pro-Ukrainian residents and now he’s asking others ‘do you want to belong to Russia?'”.

“He’s holding a referendum in a country that isn’t even his own. It’s impossible. And if it’s possible, well, we can do it too.”

“Don’t listen to Vladimir Putin’s lies”

In a broadcast message using the codes of Soviet propaganda, he speaks directly to Russian citizens. “Dear Russian citizens, from September 23 to 27 there is a referendum where you can vote if you want to be annexed by the Netherlands, and you know what you want.”

He thus mocks the speech of the head of the Kremlin, “do not listen to the lies of Vladimir Putin. What he does not tell you is that Russia originally belonged to the Netherlands”.

“Your sons don’t have to die in a stupid war”

“It’s time for us to be reunited. Our king Willem-Alexander is your king too.” With a touch of humor, he continues “yes, Vladimir Putin is going to deny it, but look, he is drinking a Dutch beer with his king”, a photo in support of the Dutch ruler and the Russian president sharing a drink.

He does not fail to point out the similarities between the two countries, “our flag is also similar. You just have to change the white strip from the bottom and put it on top, you see?”

The comedian concludes his sketch with a call for disobedience after the announcement of the partial mobilization of reservists by Vladimir Putin. “An advantage when you belong to the Netherlands, your sons will not have to die in a stupid war against Ukraine. You can vote online,” he concludes.

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