Do you want to seduce your partner? Here some tips

Sometimes work and obligations leave us exhausted, we just want to get home, take a shower and sleep, but don’t let monotony invade your sex life, because both need their space and share intimate moments that are important in the couple. Surprise the love of your life with something different, enjoy together and let your creativity fly to seduce him…

The sexual and psycho-emotional therapist, Chrisk Desh comments that sex is natural and healthy, it is a part of life that we must consciously explore and enjoy. And when it comes to seducing your partner, the only limit is your imagination. These ideas will not only serve to help your partner relax and warm up, the previous tension may be much more pleasant than intercourse itself.

Let’s get to work on the tips:

touching thighs

During an outing to eat or watch movies, caress your partner’s thigh, with smooth and firm movements or direct your fingers slightly upwards, to the most intimate areas. Feel the arousal build and let your partner loosen up. Surely you will want the end of the movie to come to get down to work as soon as possible.

Everything is in the head

When your partner has had a long day at work, relieve their stress with a head massage. The scalp contains many points of sexual stimulation. Let your hands gently caress the scalp in gentle circular motions. When you’re done, go over to her shoulders, gently kissing and stroking her neck and upper back.

eye contact

During sex try to maintain eye contact as it is very erotic. The same goes for foreplay. The next time you kiss your partner, try to keep your eyes open, bring your hands down and begin to touch, holding your gaze.

the striptease

Choose the outfit that makes you feel as sexy as possible; maybe some lingerie or a shirt open halfway. Remember that you do not need to do a very elaborate choreography. If you like to be together in your pajamas, then simply undressing while maintaining eye contact, with a few wiggles of the hips, will suffice. Don’t worry if your partner laughs; laughing together serves to break the ice.

Touch yourself

Touch yourself in front of your partner, start by touching yourself while you kiss your partner and try to stimulate their nipples or show your partner how much you enjoy touching yourself. This should be enough to get things going in the right direction.

To turn up the heat even more, put his hands on top of yours so he can feel what you’re doing, but make him feel like you’re in control!

lick the ears

The ears contain hundreds of nerve endings and are considered an erogenous zone; Although this may be strange to some, it will feel wonderful to others. Start by kissing your partner on the lips and work your way down to their ear, giving them little kisses, and work your way down to their ear, giving them little kisses as you go. And when your mouth caresses his ear, gently blow on his earlobes before gently nipping, sucking or licking them.

dirty talk

If you meet in the ear, you may be able to whisper naughty things to it. Don’t feel pressured to say something impressive. Start by telling him something that comes naturally to you, how much you want your partner or how it turns you on. Including these words can increase sexual tension and can also increase passion during sex.


This September 27, the specialist will hold a webinar on: Clean your sexual energy, you can follow her on IG: @chriskdesh.

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