Doctor explains how athlete João Paulo Diniz may have suffered a heart attack

The death of João Paulo Diniz, son of billionaire Abilio Diniz, on Sunday (31/7) opened a series of discussions about the cause of his death. At the age of 58, João was a sports practitioner and had participated in a triathlon on Saturday (7/30), the day before he was found dead in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro. Even young and athlete, the businessman ended up suffering a massive heart attack and couldn’t resist.

Death caused the impacts of exercise intensity to be questioned. The director of the emergency training center of the Society of Cardiology of the State of São Paulo, Agnaldo Piscopo, explains that the range of options to identify the reason for death in these cases is wide.

However, with the age cut and the practice of high-intensity activity, Piscopo believes that the most likely in this case was coronary artery disease, caused by the obstruction of one of the arteries by fatty plaques that accumulate inside. . He says that more intense physical activities can cause this type of situation.

“Cases like this are inevitable. Often there is no type of previous symptom that makes the person prevent himself for that situation. Fatty plaques can become unstable due to inflammatory processes such as viruses or stress after physical activities, leading to the formation of thrombi and obstruction of the coronary arteries, causing a heart attack or sudden death”, he explained.


According to Psicopo, the mortality rate in these cases is 25%, and the first manifestation that can occur is precisely cardiac arrest. In cases like João’s, victims under the age of 65 are the ones most at risk of dying. “Almost 50% of patients end up dying in cases like these”, says the doctor.

The cardiologist explains that, in many cases, the individual can die without having any previous problems. “It is as if the change were a portrait of that moment, and in this context, the person may not resist. In many cases, the patient’s heart doesn’t have to be sick for it to die,” he added.

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