“Doctor miracle”: the panic attacks suffered by COVID-19 Firat Altunmese

The story of doctor Ali Vefa, played by actor Taner Ölmez, in the Turkish soap opera “Doctor Miracle”(“ Mucize Doktor ”, in its original language) has become one of the favorites of the public and, therefore, this production has managed to rank as one of the main ones in different countries. Another detail that stands out in the Ottoman success are the actors who participated, such as Firat Altunmese.

Miracle doctor”Is a Turkish production based on the series“ The Good Doctor ”and was released in its country of origin (Turkey) on September 12, 2019 and due to its great tuning it was able to cross borders and reach countries in Europe and Latin America.

It currently has a large number of fans and followers who also use social networks to make Ottoman success a trend, with respect to the latest news about episodes, characters or actors.

What has surprised many is that something unknown has been made known in the soap opera and it is regarding the actor Firat Altunmese, who played Demir and who had to stay away from the recordings due to a small inconvenience.

Some of the actors of the telenovela “Doctor miracle” that has managed to position itself as one of the favorites in countries of Europe and Latin America.


The pandemic for the coronavirus that harmed thousands of people around the world and that became a great problem for different countries, also generated great concern and even fear among people.

One of them was the actor Firat Altunmese, who thought it appropriate to move away from the recordings of “Miracle doctor”Due to the fact that he suffered from some panic attacks as a result of the increase in infections by COVID-19 in Turkey. All this would have generated anxiety and fear in the Turkish beau.

Such a situation greatly compromised the recordings of the series, which is why he was forced to leave the Ottoman success.


The actor Firat Altunmese was born on March 16, 1990 in the city of Istanbul (Turkey). He is the son of İzzet Altınmeşe, a renowned musician and from a young age he had great singing and acting skills.

His love of music made him very interested in the rap genre and at the same time he studied acting at Istanbul Craft.

In 2013 he participated in the series directed by Feride Kaytan, called “Conscience”.

In addition to “Doctor miracle” he has also participated in productions such as “Runaway Brides” (2014-2015), “Brave and Beautiful” (2016) and “Lion Family” (2017-2018).


In one of the chapters it was possible to see that iron did not go to hospital Berhayat which caused concern among his colleagues. But this came after the doctor was in charge of helping people who suffered a road accident.

While Acelya realize that iron he is not at the hospital and tries to reach him through several phone calls.

It’s over, bye ”, Acelya said in an audio message that she left him, but her concern increased and she called him again and left a new audio: “I’m worried, why are you leaving me out? My love i miss you so much”.

Shortly after, Demir’s reply came and pointed: “Do not worry about me. I’m fine”.

It was there when iron send two letters, one for the secretary laugh where he gives an account of his irrevocable resignation to the Berhayat hospital.

In the other letter sent to Acelya, he expresses: “I thought a lot. I have not stopped thinking about these 2 days. At the company the figures were bad. I blew it at the hospital. You and I were already bad. I couldn’t Acelya. Everyone has a resistance limit. Mine is here. That’s why I quit. I also moved out of the house, you were the best but I couldn’t take it anymore. Bye”.

Demir at the Berhayat hospital where he works alongside Ali and his other colleagues (Photo: Med Yapim)
Demir at the Berhayat hospital where he works alongside Ali and his other colleagues (Photo: Med Yapim)


The Turkish soap opera “Doctor miracle” is in the Chapter 129 until October 7, 2021 in Argentina Telefe. The television production premieres new episodes on that channel every week, from Monday to Friday, at 9:45 p.m. In addition, all the chapters released so far are available on the Telefe website.

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