Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness big villain allegedly leaked because of a toy

Simple packaging shows a potential villain from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The next Marvel movie Doctor Strange is scheduled for May 2022. Aside from the fact that the heroes and heroines have broken the multiverse – all of Marvel’s parallel universes – and that this great chaos will have to be fixed, little is known about the storyline.

Who could be the big bad? A toy may have just sold off.

Warning: the rest of this article contains spoilers. Well, probably.

Spoilers: who could be the villain of the next Doctor Strange?

The famous toy of discord is already a puzzle available in several American stores. We see, on the packaging, that Doctor Strange faces a gigantic green monster, a kind of Cyclops. This is most likely Shuma-Gorath, a villain well known to comic book readers. since the 1970s, but which has never been introduced to the screen yet.

Aesthetically, this gigantic green octopus looks like a mix between Cthulhu and Bob from Monstres & Cie. In the Marvel Universe, he is a demon and is one of the Old Ones, gods who ruled Earth millions of years ago. So he is obviously very powerful, and his power extends across hundreds of parallel universes.

The mystery puzzle? // Source: booktopia

We know that Doctor Strange will have to face extremely powerful forces in this new movie, so a meeting with Shuma-Gorath would be pretty consistent. But that’s not necessarily the big bad: more likely, he’s one of the entities that will be released into the chaos of a deranged multiverse. There will surely be several monsters to face.

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