Doctors denounce that they were never so bad

The medical federation asks for better salaries and fees / EL DIA

After the wage proposal made two days ago in a street protest by the public sector union Cicop, now the alert about the situation of doctors in that segment of the system and also in the private sector has been turned on by the Medical Federation of the Province of Buenos Aires , who yesterday raised his claim for improvements in public hospitals, social and prepaid works.

The entity expressed that “never have the salaries of the public hospital and the fees of social and prepaid works been at such a low level, which translates into miserable income for the same medical community that has been fighting the pandemic with such professionalism and delivery”.

The Federation integrates 111 guilds, associations and circles from 121 districts of the Province. The statement was made in a public document, which also called for “a wage recomposition in all public hospitals in Buenos Aires; an urgent update of the tariffs of the social and prepaid works, adapting them to the projected inflation; and a decrease in the tax pressure of medical work exerted by the Province and the Nation”.

The entity’s Secretary of Government, Sandro Scafati, stated that “at least half of the doctors who work in social security have salaries that do not reach 75,000 pesos and in hospitals the professionals have an initial salary, for 24 hours a week. , of 34,228 pesos”.


Scafati stressed that “the FEMEBA Interhospital Commission is working so that this year the inflationary goal in salaries can be exceeded and obtain, in the best possible time, an improvement in the ranks.”

On the other hand, the entity indicated that “social and prepaid works in the first half of the year were required a tariff improvement of 35% or a minimum for the basic consultation of 1,600 pesos, of which the doctor effectively charges almost the half and at 60 days. For the second semester, we claim another 35% to keep up with inflation and a reference value of the basic consultation of 2,200 pesos.

In tax matters, FEMEBA aspires that, “as social works, due to their social function, are exempt from taxes, doctors when we work for these mutuals, have the corresponding tax mitigation, both in Profits and in Gross Income”.

Finally, it is argued that “we doctors are leading the fight against COVID-19 to the point that many of our people lost their lives in that battle, but there is no recognition reflected in concrete improvements in working conditions, and today we see with sadness how our colleagues suffer to maintain the purchasing power of their salaries, punished by the brutal tax pressure imposed on them and the bulky debt of social works with extremely poor tariffs”, concludes the Femeba document.

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