Does Apple really want to buy Manchester United?

According to some rumours, Apple could be interested in entering the world of professional football, buying one of the most famous clubs in the world: the Manchester United.

Photo Credit: Apple
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The news was reported by the English tabloid Daily Star: according to the magazine Apple would be ready to offer the impressive sum of £5.8 billion (6.76 billion euros at current exchange rates) to acquire Manchester United. This would be the counteroffer toinitial request of £8.25 billion (approximately 9.9 billion dollars) which market operators had judged unrealistic. At that point the Glazers, current owners of the brand, decided to sell at a lower price. And as often happens in these cases, the only condition of sale was: it will go to the highest bidder.

Owned by the Glazers family since 2005, the company was recently put up for sale following constant pressure from a part of the fans who didn’t see the current owners badly.
Bidder which, according to rumors, could be the company led by Tim Cook. With an annual turnover of around 396 billion dollars, Apple could hardly find competitors worthy of the name in the race to purchase the historic club.

In conjunction with the club purchase, Daily Star says Apple would also intention to build a new state-of-the-art stadium, something to be taken as an example for future sports architecture. In all respects it would be the classic “start with a bang”: to date the Cupertino company has never had interests in the sports field of this caliber.
If the rumors turn out to be true, and if the deal actually goes through, Manchester United would become the richest football club in the world. And what do you think: could Apple be an interesting entry into the world of professional football?

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