Does breastfeeding prevent breast cancer?

The first week of August marks the International Week of the Breastfeeding and that is why it is necessary to remember that it is the best food that a mother can offer her child at birth, being an important source of energy, protection and nutrients, preferably up to 24 months.

But that is not all. Pregnancy and breastfeeding create a protective factor against breast cancer due to the hormonal activity that occurs in women during this period. This was stated by the medical oncologist, Mauricio León Rivera, medical director of the Cancer Detection Center and head of the Mastology Unit of the Ricardo Palma Clinic.

The specialist explained that the maturation of the mammary cells, from the prepubertal state to the development of the ducts and lobules during lactation, causes the cells to differentiate, becoming more resistant to the carcinogenic or harmful influences of hormones, alcohol or alcohol. the junk food.

This natural process develops especially in young women, however, when it is performed after the age of 40, the protection against these ills decreases, said the oncologist.

The current problem is that women for different reasons breastfeed their children less or simply do not do so using high-cost industrialized milk. This could be harmful to the mother and the child because they do not benefit the body with this defensive mechanism.”Added the expert.

Preventive check-ups

However, León Rivera mentioned that the most important thing in addition to the good habit of breastfeeding is the early diagnosis of cancer, therefore, it is important that women from the age of 30 should undergo a physical examination with a specialist (mastologist) and complement it with a mammogram from 40 years of age.

World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated in all countries from August 01 to 07 of each year, with the aim of promoting its benefits to mothers and their children.


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