Does Devil May Cry 5 run well on the Steam Deck? Capcom shows it in action

Although in recent weeks Steam Deck has been officially postponed to 2022, the wait towards the portable platform created by Valve remains very high, especially for the curiosity to find out how the countless titles available in the catalog of Steam.

Lovers of fast-paced action, in particular, want to find out what sensations a beloved exponent of the genre will transmit. Devil May Cry 5. Steam Deck will be able to keep up with the demonic rhythms of the latest adventures of Dante without any kind of technical uncertainty? To give us a first answer is Capcom itself with a short video showing the game in action right on Valve’s portable system, and the results look promising right now.

The fifth chapter of Devil May Cry seems in fact turn beautifully on Steam Deck, offering an enviable fluidity and visual care that seems to be played directly from PC. Even in the cutscenes no type of smudging emerges, for a quality that seems to be ensured even by the small screen of the system. It is true that what is shown concerns only short excerpts of the game, however replaying it in this way could be very intriguing. Finally, our review of Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition reminds you how the Capcom work is a product of remarkable quality, among the best made by the Japanese company in recent years.

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