Dogan Özgüden, the eternal Turkish dissident, has never denied his values

With his wife Inci, Dogan Özgüden will have lived in Belgium for more than half of his 86 years of life. In exile. Dissent obliges. Here is his story.

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Journalist at the World Service

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Dogan Özgüden never retired. The idea never crossed his mind. His pace is undoubtedly slower – he still has 86 springs behind him – but nothing could convince him to put an end to his professional activities. Which began 70 years ago in Izmir, a Turkish city on the Aegean Sea, when, at the age of 16, he was hired as a stenographer in a newspaper. This career as a journalist has therefore not yet come to an end.

Here is a discreet man, sheltered behind his mustache, who hides a strong personality, sure of his values, who has given a hard time to all the regimes that his country, Turkey, has known since the 1950s. he had to pay turned out to be exorbitantly large. Namely 48 years of exile. Mostly spent in Belgium. In Brussels, in Schaerbeek, precisely.

His story deserves to be told.

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