Dolph Lundgren clarifies Stallone controversy

Sylvester Stallone delivered several pacifiers a week ago after a Rocky spinoff about Ivan Drago was announced – without the actor’s involvement. Stallone has long been in the ring with film producer Irwin Winkler, who apparently refuses to share the film rights with the Rocky star and this revelation didn’t exactly help. Now Drago himself is coming to the rescue, clarifying to fans that he had no idea that Stallone was not involved in the spinoff plans and believes that there isn’t even a script for the project:

Just to set the record straight regarding a possible Drago spinoff. There’s no approved script, no deals in place, no director and I was personally under the impression that my friend Sly Stallone was involved as a producer or even as an actor. There was a press leak last week which was unfortunate. In touch with Mr Balboa – just so all the fans can relax…There ya go.

It remains to be seen if the boxing rivals will be seen on the big screen again after Creed II. How about a Drago spinoff?

Dolph Lundgren clarifies Stallone controversy
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