Doman and Lanata came out to defend Casero and Feinmann wanted to look good with God and with the devil

Jorge Lanata, after having crossed judicially, is a personal friend of Luis Majul, in fact he invited him to his wedding. But this did not influence him to take sides in favor of Alfredo Casero, of whom he said that it is bad for him to go to that type of program.

For his part, Fabián Doman preferred to get Majul out of the way and use the incident to make a self-criticism within journalism, as if all journalists behaved like those employed by LN+.

Fabián Doman defended Alfredo Casero’s position: “It’s good that he questions us”

But perhaps the most emblematic case of lukewarmness is once again the ineffable Eduardo Feinmann who, although at first he expressed his support for his colleague Luis Majul, before a comment from a follower he corrected himself and assured that mocking is also violence.

Tweet by Eduardo Feinmann
Tweet by Eduardo Feinmann

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