Domínguez delves into Vecchio’s truth

Emiliano Vecchio left the big one with his confession a few days ago of going back against the Spanish Union in the definition of the 2013 Transition tournament. The Argentine midfielder declassified what was an open secret for many years, generating the annoyance of a large part of the fans of Colo Colo.

One of those who was present that afternoon of May 26, 2013 was Lucas Domínguez, who in conversation with TNT Sports delved into what that duel was against Hispanics after launching a curious post on his personal Twitter.

“In general we were all playing hard, but the problem is that the team was not doing well either. Union got 38 points that championship and we got 21. I can’t tell you much more, the team was not working and we faced a lot against ourselves ”, affirmed in ex-defender of the Cacique.

In that sense, he argued that “Regardless of the fact that one has played backwards, at least I tried and we also did it as a team, we played our pride because there were many who did matter to us. That we were in Colo Colo and that they spoke badly of us because we were in a big team “.

“This question was never discussed, he (Vecchio) didn’t tell us that he was going to play backwards because probably the coach would have taken him out. But in the course of the game we realized when he threw the corners, because you can give a bad pass, but the corner was not just one. We told him a couple of times in the game, but the teacher didn’t want to take him out either “, he concluded.

A controversy that continues to talk in the world of football even as the days go by. The truth about Vecchio did not leave anyone indifferent.

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