Dominika Peczynski regrets the divorce – does not want to leave Anders Borg

On Wednesday, Dominika Peczynski announced that she and Anders Borg are going their separate ways. Now Stoppa Pressarna writes that she has regretted it.

After the advertisement: Dominika Peczynski defends Anders Borg after the scandal: “Has not happened”


“Anders Borg and I have jointly filed for divorce today”, it was possible to read on Dominika Peczynski’s Facebook yesterday.

Followed by:

“Since we do not have children living at home together, a divorce takes effect without time for reflection. No comments. End of communication”.

Less than a day later, the next message comes – Dominika says Stop the press that she regrets.

Dominika Peczynskis: “Still want to be with him”

As recently as May, Dominika talked about her and Anders’ lives together with joy. Then they had recently put their apartment up for sale:

– We have four out of five out-of-town children studying in different places around Sweden, so we are only three people left here at home. Me, Anders and ten year old Harry. When we moved in, everyone lived at home and then the space was needed. Now we have too many bedrooms that are empty.

– We love the apartment and do not intend to sell it so lightly. We will only sell if we feel we are getting the right price. We also love the area, so we will probably stay here.

Yesterday, the shocking news of divorce came, which is now being withdrawn, according to Stoppa Pressarna.

Dominika tells the site that she wants to continue living with Anders, but under different conditions:

– I still want to be with him, but not as his wife – but his girl, says Dominika according to the site.

The celebrities’ fine support – after Dominika’s first words about the divorce

Dominika Peczynski’s “persuaded” Anders Borg

The reason why she and Anders filed for divorce on Tuesday must have been that she felt ignored by her husband.

– He gave me no attention, I got angry and persuaded Anders to divorce.

According to the site, Dominika will call the district court on Wednesday morning and say that she regrets it. According to Expressen however, the divorce application has not been withdrawn.

Svensk Damtidning is looking for Dominika Peczynski.

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