Dominika Peczynski’s own words: That is why she and Anders Borg want to sell the luxury apartment

Dominika Peczynski and Anders Borg plan to sell their luxury apartment – but at the right price.
– We love that apartment, she says to Svensk damtidning.

PR queen Dominika Peczynski, 51, and former finance minister Anders Borg, 54, live in an incredibly beautifully decorated turn-of-the-century apartment on Östermalm with seven rooms, six of which are bedrooms. The apartment is spread over 222 square meters. Dominika has mainly been responsible for the interior and design – and she is, to say the least, happy with what the apartment looks like.

– We love the apartment! We thrive very well here, she says to Svensk damtidning.

Anders Borg and Dominika Peczynski.

Anders Borg and Dominika Peczynski. In the background is the bookshelf. Photo: TV4

The apartment is very aesthetic and filled with beautiful gadgets. There are site-built bookshelves with lots of books for the intellectual couple. Charming details from auction houses and functional tiled stoves add further sophisticated luxury.

– Surely the bookshelf is beautiful? We love reading books and the bookshelf was so incredibly good!

That’s why Dominika wants to sell the apartment

But now the couple has decided to put the apartment up for sale. The reason for it?

– We have four out of five out-of-town children studying in different places around Sweden, so we are only three people left here at home. Me, Anders and ten year old Harry. When we moved in, everyone lived at home and then the space was needed. Now we have too many bedrooms that are empty.

Anders Borg and Dominika Peczynski

Anders Borg and Dominika Peczynski.

Claudio Bresciani / TT

But when you have become very fond of home, it is difficult to tear yourself away from home. And Dominika with family is no exception.

– We love the apartment and do not intend to sell it so lightly. We will only sell if we feel we are getting the right price. We also love the area, so we will probably stay here, says Dominika Peczynski.

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