Doner kebab for 1 cent: Dortmund kebab shop for the reopening "overrun"

Hundreds of guests literally overran a kebab shop in Dortmund on Wednesday afternoon. The police and public order office stepped in.

Well planned Promotion via Instagram – or just surprised by the success? Up to 300 guests have one on Wednesday afternoon kebab shop in the Dortmunder union quarter overrun. Shortly after the opening it was so crowded that the police had to come.

“With our special offer ONLY for September 20th, 2022 with a Doner kebab for €0.01” had the takeaway chain “House of Doner” to the reopening Rhenish street lured. That drew. “We were called because it was way too crowded and there was jostling,” explains police spokesman Peter Bandermann. The police cleared the store. A child was also injured in the crowd, it is said.

New opening in Dortmund – close the store quickly

Of the Traffic on the Rheinische Straße towards the city center was disturbed, also in the surrounding streets. Fortunately, nothing more happened, according to Bandermann. The city took care of the rest regulatory office: The shop was briefly closed, the kebab price was increased.

In the reopening a branch of the chain in Bochum there had been similar scenes in May. The same game repeated itself in June meal.

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