Don’t be fooled on Black Friday: study reveals a market trap

One of the most anticipated days of the year to make purchases is the Black Friday, event where the majority of companies make adjustments to their prices through discounts in order to encourage the flow of the economy. In addition, it is the event that opens the holiday season, after the Thanksgiving Day.

El Black Friday It will start this Friday, November 26 and will run until Sunday, November 28 of the same month.Although some companies may take a few more days to make sales with discounts that seem attractive, but are they really as flashy as they make it look?

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A study carried out in Spain reveals a strategy made by companies that is worth taking into account when making the purchase of a product that seems to be attractively priced.

The AZbox price comparator has monitored the prices of more than 6,300 products from November to December 2020, concluded that 73% of the products who have analyzed experience “a clear upward price oscillation between the days leading up to Black Friday and its decline at the time of its celebration“.

Similarly, according to the study 48% of businesses increase the price of their items in the previous days and rCut your amount in half on the key day of the promotion. In addition, this price is usually maintained during the beginning of December and rises again from the 12th of the same month.

“The research shows that on the key days of Black Friday the price of the items is cheaper than the days prior to its launch, but without reaching the lowest price of the product established during the months prior to this campaign“, assures AZbox.

A good percentage of consumers take advantage of Black Friday to do their Christmas shopping. However, it is recommended that when making your purchases, think carefully if you really need them and if you are saving any money, for that you can use a price comparer.

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