“Don’t go overboard”: Roland Kaiser reveals his stage secret

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Roland Kaiser
Pop singer Roland Kaiser turns 70. © Jan Woitas/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa

He knows the ups and downs of the hit industry: Roland Kaiser knows how to remain successful in show business for a long time.

Münster – Almost everyone in Germany knows his name: Roland Kaiser (70) has been a real hit industry player for decades. Today, May 10, the singer celebrates his birthday and looks back on his eventful life in an interview with “”. Among other things, he talks about the secret of his success and why one should also – or especially – take care of oneself in good times. One or the other up-and-coming star can certainly learn a lot from Kaiser.

The life of the “Santa Maria” interpreter was no picnic. As a teenager he found out that his parents had adopted him, later Roland Kaiser made the headlines because of a drunk driving. The hit star also had to cope with some setbacks in terms of health. In 2000 he learned that he was suffering from the respiratory disease COPD, a lung transplant a few years later saved him from certain death. But in retrospect, Roland Kaiser is happy about these bad experiences.

For Roland Kaiser, being human also means going through bad times

“You have to accept the valley in order to be able to enjoy a high point again. This is a good learning process to understand that life cannot always be full of highlights. You also have to learn to deal with defeats,” he explains in an interview. But how does Roland Kaiser manage to remain successful on stage even after decades? His simple tip is: enjoy everything in moderation. “[Ich] don’t go overboard and of course I do sports every day. According to the motto: If you rest, you rust – so that rusting doesn’t set in so quickly.”

And even though he has long since reached retirement age at 70, Roland Kaiser is out of the question of retirement. When asked why he is still performing, the hit star replies: “What drives me is the joy of it.”

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