Door not open for 2 years and everything full: Messi alarm in Pietro Lombardi’s luxury house

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Of: Stella Rueggeberg

Pietro Lombardi shows his Messi room © Instagram/pietrolombardi

Is Pietro Lombardi overwhelmed with his luxury villa? Various insights into his property make this clear again and again. He has apparently converted one room into a storage room.

Cologne – Pietro Lombardi has been living in his three-storey luxury villa for two years. He has apparently not entered some rooms since moving in, except to put old clothes in them. On Instagram he now shows his fans his cluttered room.

Door not open for 2 years and everything full: Messi alarm in Pietro Lombardi’s luxury house

A few weeks ago, fans speculated whether Pietro Lombardi was overwhelmed with his luxury property. His new Instagram story now seems to confirm this. Because what is behind a door in his three-storey villa almost resembles a Messi household. “I opened the door after almost 2 years and was in shock,” laughs Pietro.

Garbage room
Pietro Lombardi shows his followers a cluttered room © Instagram/pietrolombardi

There are thousands of clothes on the floor and the elevator is also littered with boxes. Even Rewe shopping baskets are stacked in a corner of the Messi room – Pietro himself cannot explain where these baskets come from: “Today there is complete chaos in the Lombardi house. And because of the Rewe baskets, I don’t know myself why they are with me,” the singer continued.

Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria Rypa want to move in together

About five hours later, the former DSDS winner reports again and shows the room where the floor can now be seen. All the clothes that were on the floor have been cleared away, leaving only a self-portrait of Pietro. Pietro would like to donate the clothes.

Pietro Lombardi now wants to move with his girlfriend Laura Maria. The area in which the singer currently lives is too dangerous for his girlfriend’s small dogs. It remains to be seen whether they will get a better grip on the household in their new property. Sources used: Instagram/pietrolombardi

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