Dornbirn: On lockdown control with the police


The police carry out checks in lockdown. VOL.AT accompanied two police officers in Dornbirn on their patrol.

There are also accompanying police controls in the fourth lockdown. Although the framework conditions have changed, the controls are similar to those for the 2G check from the lockdown for unvaccinated persons. On the one hand, the controls are carried out in the general patrol duty for all official police acts, including traffic controls. On the other hand, there are still additional focus actions through the standby units and strips in public space.

Christian Burtscher and Dominic Divis on patrol. Image: VOL.AT/Mayer

Pedestrian patrol in the city center

VOL.AT was allowed to accompany two police officers from the Dornbirn Police Station (PI Dornbirn). From the inspection, the group led the two officers back from the train station via the market square. A trip to the city market in Dornbirn was also a must. Three women – mother and daughter and an acquaintance – stood together. You have been advised that a mask must be worn if the distance is too short. A young man was checked and had to indicate where he was going – in his case for the Covid test in the city center.

Checks are carried out on a random basis. Image: VOL.AT/Mayer

Dornbirn: So far no penalties

The controls are carried out on a random basis. Above all, the police are on the move to provide information and enlightenment. Whoever shows unreasonable will be punished. It’s been pretty quiet since the lockdown, the two officials told VOL.AT. So far, the PI Dornbirn has not had to punish anyone. The Vorarlbergers would be very understanding and stick to the lockdown. Anyone who is on the move has a valid reason: the way to work, to buy groceries or to the pharmacy or to take a walk.

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