Dortmund: accident on the B236: motorcyclist is seriously injured

A motorcyclist was seriously injured in an accident on the B236 in Dortmund on Wednesday. He hit the back of a car driver.

A 25-year-old motorcyclist was seriously injured on Wednesday afternoon. He was on the B236 in the direction of Lünen. After a collision with a car, he fell onto the road. The road was completely closed for 30 minutes.

Accident on the B236: driver with a shoulder look

According to initial information, the police said, a 56-year-old driver from Lünen switched between the Dortmund-Scharnhorst and Dortmund-Derne exits after looking over her shoulder at the left lane. The 25-year-old from Dortmund also drove here. This could no longer prevent the collision and drove onto the rear of the car.

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“Whether the Dortmunder kept to the top speed of 60 km/h there is now part of the investigation,” writes the police in a press release. The 56-year-old was unharmed. The vehicles were towed. (ck)

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